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Get your hiking boots on!

Are you a huge fan of our Wellington Boot Bags? Do you frequently go hiking? Is walking your favourite hobby? Do your walking/hiking boots get dirty? Are you spending a long time cleaning your car after putting your boots in there following a long, muddy, tiring walk? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, we have the perfect product for you which once you have it, you will be so grateful that you will never have to live without it again!
Following the success of our Wellington Boot Bags, over the past year, we have developed and designed a product which is suitable for anyone who enjoys an intense hike, all the way to anyone who just loves to go for a mild dog walk. 
Our Walking Boot Bags are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring that our product will be long lasting. All Concept Covers Boot Bags are made from PVC backed 600D Polyester with piped polypropylene webbing. This guarantees that our bags will stay strong, preventing any deformities which may affect the use of the bag. Furthermore, due to the material we use, our bags are waterproof and wipe clean! To any avid walkers, this sounds like a dream! 
As well as all of those amazing attributes, the No.5 heavy duty zip which features on the bag means that your boots will be kept safe when travelling! The thumb tabs at the top and bottom allow for easy access inside the bag, perfect for when you are rushing to put away your boots! In addition, on the top of the bag, we have placed a 25mm webbing carry handle, another asset we added to make sure that your experience with our product is as easy and straightforward as it can be! For extra strength, the base of the bag contains a hard boarded studded base, further protecting your boots and keeping them secure. The size of our Walking Boot Bags are Height 12″ (30cm) x Length 15″ (38cm) x Width  9″ (22.5cm). 
Not only do our bags provide the ultimate quality, you can also choose from various colours and patterns which make your bags more personal to you! The colours available are: Brown, Bottle Green, Wine, Olive Green, Camouflage and the pattern; Woodland Leaf. Check out our full range on our website and pick your favourite colour!
All of our Walking Boot Bags are British made and retail at £19.95. 

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